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My Familys History

Family Tree
       From my mothers side of the family the history goes back as far as February 04, 1815.  That's the day Anton Wilbert was born.  It is believed that he arrived in America from Germany in Plaquemine, Louisiana between 1840 and 1848.  He later married Sibilla Siebet. They had nine children, eight sons and one daughter.  Anthony, Henry, Fredric, Peter, John, George, Charles, Joseph and Mary.  Both Anton and Sibilla were buried at St. John Cemetery in the Wilbert Mausolcum in Plaqemine, Louisiana.
        A cabinet maker by trade, Anton became engaged in the making of coffins and established an undertaking business soon after his arrival in Plaqemine.  From the start his business proposed and with his courage and vision he invested in several tracts of timber lands and is 1868, laid the foundation for his first sawmill.  In the succeeding years of his active and useful life, he built several large sawmills and turned out millions of feet of timber each year.  A very important factor in the early development of Plaqemine.  He served his community as a member of the Board of Selectmen and laid the foundation for the vast and varied enterprises of A. Wilbert's Sons lumber and shingle company.
         All of Anton and Sibilla's children worked at the mill on Saturdays and during vacation from school and are due great credit for the large interest they built upon the foundation laid by their father.
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