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About Me



My name is Chelsey but some people call me Shorti.  I'm 16 years old and am a junior at Marathon High School. I have lived in the the Florida Keys for my entire life.

 It is a very scenic place to live but us kids sometimes have the problem of bordem.  There is isn't much to do for us around here.  I live with my parents and a younger brother named Ryan and an older sister named Jessica.  Also our family dog is Sampson.
             I play soccer at Marathon High School.  Our season hasn't started yet this year so I can't tell you how well we are doing.  I am looking forward to playing this year. 

    I am also a big diver or water sports person.  I go out on the bayside with my younger brother and dive holes for lobster and he likes to spear fish but I'm not that good yet.  My favorite sport is wakeboarding.  Ryan and his friends are very talented at it and they are trying to teach me tricks.  I enjoy doing this because it's fun and I also like to spend the quality time with my little brother.



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