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About Me






I am the biggest football fan you will ever meet!  I love to watch it!  I really enjoy watching our boys here at Marathon High School but I also watch college football and the NFL.


Here is a picture of our Marathon High School Football team playing our rival Coral Shores on Friday September 27, 2002.


This is a picture of NCAA football.

Two Miami Hurricanes      Taylor Jacobs of The       
players jump in joy of       Florida Gators catches
their championship win      a pass and goes for a
last year.                         touchdown and another  
                                       over University of South

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     I love to shop!  Although I don't like to spend money I love to shop.  Well only a certain kind of shopping that is.  I definitely don't like to go grocery shopping!  I like to shop for clothes, belts, shoes, and purses.  I even shop online.  Here are some clips of things I like to buy online.


Abercrombie and Fitch

This is my favorite place to shop online.  They have clothes that are just perfectfor me, just my style. You should check it out.  Just click here.


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