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Family Tree




My Mom's name is Celeste C. Irwin, but she goes by Letty.  She has been married to my dad for 20 years and has 3 children.  She retired about a year ago, but before that she worked in the office at Keys Fisheries for many years.  Her and I have a good relationship and I think of her as my best friend.







My Dad's name is Bruce Allen Irwin.  He has also been married to my Mom for 20 years and has 3 children.  He is a comercial fisherman. He fishes for lobster and stone crab.  He owns his own boat.  It's name is Marla K 3.  It's 47 feet long.  He works long hard hours and does a very well job on supporting our family.  


This is my sister and she is 18 years old.  She graduated from Marathon High School last spring.  We have High School last spring.  We have fought our entire life until about 2 years ago we became friends.  Ever since we've gotten very close.  I also see her as my best friend.  She just moved to Orlando, Florida about 2 weeks ago and it's already killing me.  I miss her very much and can't wait to see her again.



This is my brother.  He is 14 years old and he is a freshman at Marathon High School.  He plays football and baseball.  I spend quality time with my brother when he takes me out on the boat to go wakeboarding and diving.





Sampson is the family dog. He's a jack russell terrier and is a year and a half old.  He loves to play fetch with his bone and his tennis ball.  He loves to cuddle and is very spoiled.  Sam actually sleeps under the covers with his head on the pillow in my parents bed.


Here is a picture of us three kids and also a family photo of us.